You could be starring in a hair commercial with the Mason Pearson's Popular Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush. Like other MP brushes, this hair brush is ergonomically designed to distribute natural oils and detangle hair. But wait, this is also one handsome little brush, with eight rows of tufts made from both boar bristles to stimulate scalp circulation and nylon hair that gets the job done without tugging or yanking at fragile roots. It's made from 100% premium boar bristle, which is gentle on the hair and scalp.

Developed and patented over 100 years ago, the Popular Bristle and Nylon Hairbrush is the ultimate grooming tool. Wanting for more? If you look after your Mason Pearson hair brush, it will last for years and years. It's not unusual for a brush to be handed down through generations in some families.

It's time to get your hair game back in shape. Boasting over a century of experience, the Mason Pearson's Popular Bristle and Nylon Hairbrush is no ordinary tool.

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