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About Us

Prefontaine is a flagship for forward thinking, updated, and modern fashion in the heart of Texas, carrying a unique mix of contemporary American and international designers. Owner, Revekah Echols, opened the doors of a small space in northwest Waco in 2004 with the idea of her boutique serving as a smaller version of the luxury department stores that could be found in larger cities up and down the Interstate 35 corridor. As each season passed, customers responded more and more to the store’s aesthetic, the sharp and consistent edit, and especially the unmatched customer service, which the store would become known for. After carrying exclusively established brands for several years, she started carrying smaller, emerging designers in an attempt to support these new perspectives in fashion and also to forge her own path and identity. The resulting contrast of edgy and traditional, the known and unknown, femininity and androgyny has become the formula on which the store’s collection rests today.

Currently, you will find brands like Ulla Johnson, Zimmermann, Marissa Webb, Pedro Garcia, and Mother Denim lining the shelves and racks of the store. Whimsical ruffles and eyelet hang by sober and straight leather pencil skirts; draping Italian silk charmeuse blouses lie next to distressed Japanese denim cutoffs. Revekah and the store staff continue to drive the concept that fine, luxurious elements have a place in daily life, and simple, insouciant pieces can be elevated to work in traditionally dressier settings. Although fashion revolves around trend, the edit at Prefontaine is driven to a greater extent by the belief that women really just want things that flatter them and make them feel pretty.

Behind the proverbial curtain, the team at the store works diligently to service our customer’s needs, whether it is a special order of a sold-out item or finding a replacement for a custom button lost off of an out-of-production cardigan from two seasons ago. The commitment to customer satisfaction is the central ethos around which the operations of Prefontaine turn, and the team believes that in the long run, good customer service will always outweigh fast shipping and free returns, apps, and automated stylists no matter how far technology takes us. And with this philosophy, it has been an honor and pleasure to outfit, support, and walk with customers through all seasons in life as they travel the world, throw weddings, attend events, and experience the unique joys and hardships that the everyday provides.

Taking the store online in 2019 became the next frontier for Prefontaine, aiming to translate the aesthetic and experience to customers whose only contact with the store was on a screen in the palm of the hand. To this end, the team also dedicates a lot of time and heart into trying to create connections with these customers around the world, and the delightful and consistent result has been that women in Central Texas, Tokyo, Long Island, or Sydney all share similarities of what fashion is and how they utilize it in life.

Revekah is married to Jeremy Echols, a veterinarian practicing in the Central Texas area. They have two children, live in the country, and have a pasture full of animals.

As ever, Prefontaine is proud to bring luxury to the everyday since 2004. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find something special.