Entrepreneur Stirling Barrett founded Krewe sunglasses as a luxury eyewear company in 2013. Krewe sunglasses lead with design and let people’s preferences for chic eyewear drive the rest. The endless diversity of life inspires each Krewe sunglasses design, and Krewe sunglasses puts that same level of creativity and spirit into each design which Krewe sunglasses then hand-crafts. Krewe sunglasses are exceptional eyewear, inspiring the wearer to feel free in their own individuality and, naturally, enjoy the sunshine. Krewe sunglasses elevate eyeshades. Their unique approach has given Krewe sunglasses a cult-like following among both consumers and influencers.

Krewe Sunglasses are Homegrown Goodness

Instead of putting his savings into a home like all of his buddies were doing, twenty-something Stirling Barrett bought a bunch of glass frames instead and peddled them around town in a cart. People liked what he had, and Krewe sunglasses soon became the next great thing. Barrett founded the Krewe brand which developed into Krewe sunglasses in 2013, intent on growing it in his hometown of New Orleans rather than running it off to fashion centers like New York and L.A. The local following of Krewe sunglasses in Louisiana is enormous, but their popularity has grown beyond Barrett’s home state. Today, Krewe sunglasses are sold along with Krewe prescription frames in a dozen or so freestanding stores and numerous other outlets around the country. Some Krewe sunglasses and prescription frames are also exported, having garnered the attention of fans overseas.

Barrett draws inspiration from the surroundings of New Orleans to create unique and colorful designs for his Krewe sunglasses. New Orleans has a playful sensibility and is a place where people come to express their individuality and free themselves from restraints of social expectations. These are the attitudes that inspire Krewe sunglasses. Many celebrities have been photographed in a pair or two of Krewe sunglasses.

The Krewe company and Krewe sunglasses live in New Orleans because there at home, Barrett is able to help support his community. Having reached revenue targets and positioning Krewe as a philanthropic agent, the company wants to give back to the community through the Krewe Foundation that provides local in-need teens with eye care and eye wear. Barrett’s goal is to provide every high-school student in need with prescription glasses, inspiring them to be better students and see more opportunities for themselves. Through this Krewe Foundation, Stirling aims to foster a greater sense of community within his beloved city.

Krewe Sunglasses Quality

Krewe is an independent eyewear company that makes Krewe sunglasses and prescription frames. To make Krewe sunglasses and frames, Krewe sources only the finest materials. Each “wearable piece of everyday luxury”, Krewe sunglasses and frames, is hand-crafted. The production process for Krewe sunglasses and frames requires hands-on expertise and keen attention to detail.

Krewe Sunglasses Materials

Only the finest materials are used in crafting the one-of-a-kind frames of Krewe sunglasses. Every element of Krewe sunglasses is carefully considered, ethically sourced, and meticulously inspected for perfection. Krewe sunglasses does not compromise on quality.

Many of Krewe sunglasses’ frames are crafted from Rilsan, a material that is 50% bio-waste-based. The process of making Krewe sunglasses from Rilsan involves an injection mold process that assures both durability and flexibility. The metal frames used in Krewe sunglasses and prescription frames are of the finest metals, including hardware such as premium titanium and 24k gold-plating.

The lenses used in Krewe sunglasses elevate the brand above the rest. Every pair of Krewe sunglasses comes with shatter-resistant lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The lenses of Krewe sunglasses are also coated with special anti-scratch and anti-smudge layers to help keep your view clear and sharp.

Krewe Sunglasses Construction Process

The coloring that goes into each exclusive acetate pattern of Krewe sunglasses is hand-mixed and hand-fed through a machine like that for making pasta dough. The result is long strips of color that look like cotton spaghetti. These strips are then meticulously arranged, fused, and baked together to create the designs unique to Krewe sunglasses. The acetates used in Krewe sunglasses can take between one and twelve weeks to complete, depending on the design complexity.

Quality control checks for Krewe sunglasses and frames are performed in-house. Krewe uses a 100-point inspection system that allows them to polish each pair of Krewe sunglasses and frames by hand. The quality and silhouettes of Krewe sunglasses are uniquely iconic.

Krewe Sunglasses Strategy

Krewe makes Krewe sunglasses and frames in small batches, aiming to sell out each design. This strategy reduces unnecessary waste and helps speed up turnaround times, so retailers and customers of Krewe sunglasses are happier and the planet is too.

Krewe Sunglasses at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries some styles of Krewe sunglasses. Each style is unique and will speak to a different personality or different part of your own personality. Whichever you choose, Krewe sunglasses are always an easy way to stay cool in the heat.

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