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Mother denim jeans embody effortless cool with any outfit. The Mother denim brand is known for its distinctive designs and unique perspectives on traditional denim styles. Mother denim is also famous for delivering flattering fits and ultra-soft denim fabrics.


The denim used by Mother denim for its jeans is stretchy, very soft, and very comfortable. Mother denim jeans look good from both the back and the front, and the fabric doesn’t stretch out too much as you wear them through the day. Most Mother denim jeans are made with a blend of organic cotton and Tencel, a type of rayon, along with about 1-2% elastane for just enough stretch.


Mother denim offers a lot of lengths to their jeans and a lot of options for how flared you want your Mother denim jeans to be. Mother denim jeans come in wide-leg, full-length flares, cropped flares, straight-leg, skinny, and many variations of these popular cuts.

Mother denim clothing items are made in L.A., and their collections embody much of the sunny city’s attitude. Mother denim has become famous for its devoted model following, irreverent disposition, and super-soft fabrics. It is a boutique brand, and Mother denim is nothing short of genius at holding on to an indie spirit while still managing to offer fits and washes that appeal to a range of body shapes. Spontaneity guides Mother denim designs, and this attribute has helped Mother denim grow into a lifestyle brand. Mother denim produces four collections each year, across categories of denim, sportswear, outerwear, and accessories.

The Mother denim brand evokes nostalgia – memories and experiences reminiscent of growing up in California in the 1970s. Mother denim makes you think about what you were wearing, what you were doing, who you were with, and what kind of trouble you were getting into when you were young, no matter what decade you grew up in. The Mother denim brand embodies the freedom to be bold, brazen, unfiltered, and above all, amusing.


In 2010, Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding founded Mother denim in Los Angeles. Both had extensive denim backgrounds and were set on doing things differently at Mother denim.

The name Mother denim was selected to play off the idea of the duality this word evokes. A mother can be nurturing or a cuss, calling to both unconditional love and teenage rebellious angst all at the same time. Mother denim’s attitude in its collections always reflects the juxtaposition of hard and soft.

The founders of Mother denim are storytellers at heart, with the details of Mother denim pieces doing the speaking. Mother denim shows personality in unexpected places. The company Mother denim tries not to take herself too seriously, and offers the same suggestion to its wearers.


When you purchase a pair of Mother denim jeans or any other product, you can rest assured that they are made with the utmost attention to ethical production.


Mother denim is based in Los Angeles. It proudly partners with local manufacturers and businesses to produce all of their denim styles. In this way, Mother denim demonstrates its commitment to local craftsmanship and third-party audited ethical labor practices. Nearly all manufacturing – 95% – of Mother denim takes place locally in Los Angeles. Further, 100% of their Mother denim products are manufactured within a radius of 14 miles from their design studio. Local production at this level reduces the company’s carbon footprint through reducing freight transport and shipping.


Mother denim introduced a 60% Mother collection in an effort to further reduce its carbon footprint. This collection of Mother denim uses existing product surpluses, damages and scraps, and blends them with items otherwise intended for landfills. Mother denim also did her homework on the environmental impact of packaging materials, and as a result, will package this collection in biodegradable bags made from 100% recycled LDPE (low-density polyethylene). These bags Mother denim packages your items in can be reused, recycled, and are biodegradable should they wind up in a landfill.


Mother denim strives to use its collaborations to make a difference and contribute to something larger than itself. The brand’s motto is “Mother Loves You.” Through this motto, Mother denim aims to communicate acceptance, equality and unity.

Mother denim is committed to supporting causes, non-profit organizations, and charities that are pushing positive change in the world. Some of its many partners in this capacity include I AM A VOTER, The Loveland Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, the Royal Hospital for Women, Surfrider, No Kid Hungry, mothers2mothers, Kind Campaign, Everytown, and GLAAD.


The collection of Mother denim at Prefontaine carefully selected with varieties in cuts, fits, colors, and shades. We carry a well-rounded collection of Mother denim and will have a pair for nearly everyone.

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