Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart was founded by a couple of designers, Starr Hout and Laura Cramer, who went on a trip for their thirtieth birthdays and found themselves wishing for a collection of simple pieces that could fit into any carry-on bag. The line of clothing that became Apiece Apart combines classic styles with contemporary silhouettes to create a full array of sophisticated, easy pieces to mix and match.

The Apiece Apart line creates classic, timeless garments that are made to last. The brand Apiece Apart transcends fast fashion and trend cycles, and is designed to last for years of wear. Apiece Apart sources raw materials and works with high-quality manufacturers to produce garments that have the longest possible lives.

Apiece Apart Ethics

Whenever possible, Apiece Apart prioritizes organic, ethically sourced and biodegradable fabrics and natural fibers such as silk, linen, and alpaca. Apiece Apart aims to reduce waste in their production processes, with every Apiece Apart collection cut-to-order. In this way, Apiece Apart has little leftover inventory at the end of each season. Apiece Apart produces their collections in small batches with the goal of selling them out.

Once manufactured, Apiece Apart garments are packaged and stored in TIPA compostable bags in an effort to reduce the use of plastic. Clothing items by Apiece Apart are never shipped on plastic hangers because this makes shipping more efficient while reducing carbon emissions.

Apiece Apart Fabrics

The fabrics sourced by Apiece Apart are carefully selected for their environmental impact as well as their drape and luxury feel. Linen is a favorite used by Apiece Apart, as it is a biodegradable fiber made from the flax plant, which is frequently grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Flax also requires less water and energy to grow than other materials like cotton or polyester, fitting nicely with Apiece Apart’s ethics. Linen is also an excellent choice for Apiece Apart garments because it helps keep the body cool and over time, softens with washing and wearing.

Plant-based Fabrics at Apiece Apart

The cotton used by Apiece Apart in their garments and sew-in labels is GOTS certified organic. This cotton Apiece Apart uses is grown in India, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and needs less water than non-organic cotton. Apiece Apart sources this Indian cotton to ensure they are getting the quality Apiece Apart requires of their fabrics.

Apiece Apart also uses Tencel, which is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp that is biodegradable. The fabric is lightweight, soft, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking with a smooth finish that drapes the body flatteringly and fits well with Apiece Apart’s aesthetic.

Animal-based Fabrics at Apiece Apart

The alpaca Apiece Apart uses is a soft, durable fiber that is woven to outlast wool or cashmere. Apiece Apart’s alpaca is sourced from Peru, from producers who take care not to harm the animals while shearing them.

Leather and shearling used in Apiece Apart’s items are produced in Turkey from materials that are by-products of the meat industry.

Apiece Apart Production

Most Apiece Apart printed garments are created by digitally printing fabric with colors and patterns using special inks as opposed to the synthetic dyes used in traditional screen printing. The digital printing process at Apiece Apart also reduces water waste because this method requires fewer rinse cycles than screen printing.

Labels sewn into Apiece Apart garments are made from 100% organic cotton; Apiece Apart’s hangtags are made out of 80% post-consumer material, printed with soy-based ink, and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Apiece Apart does not use plastic buttons, and instead, garment closures are reusable copper shanks, or natural shell or corozo buttons, which are recyclable.

The brand Apiece Apart maintains long-term relationships with factory owners and artisans in their supply chain. Garments for Apiece Apart are manufactured in India, China, Peru, Turkey, and the U.S. Manufacturing locations for Apiece Apart are selected based on each factory’s individual strengths, skill sets, and practices. Apiece Apart also takes into account proximity of raw materials to the factory in efforts to reduce or eliminate long-distance shipping.

Apiece Apart Roadmap

Apiece Apart has grown a lot since its inception, and has their sights on bigger things. By the end of 2022, Apiece Apart aims for at least 75% of their fabrics to be organic or environmentally responsible. By 2025, Apiece Apart expects to offer a fully transparent supply chain that shows the production of their products from seed, to farm, to factory, to consumer.

Apiece Apart aims to incorporate regenerative fibers into their supply chain. Apiece Apart wants to work with suppliers and farms that use techniques that respect, restore, and replenish nature.

Apiece Apart at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a lovely selection of Apiece Apart in a variety of styles and colors. We have their simple and yet iconic Apiece Apart pants, tops and dresses, and a few accessory pieces that bring some levity and humor to their simple elegance.

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