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Baby Girls Brooke Bubble Baby Girls Brooke Bubble
Girls Ruth Jacket Girls Ruth Jacket
Girls Ruth Jacket Sale priceFrom $118.00
Girls Brooke Dress Girls Brooke Dress
Girls Brooke Dress Sale priceFrom $92.00
Baby Bamboo Romper Baby Bamboo Romper
Kids Bamboo PJ Set Kids Bamboo PJ Set
Kids Bamboo PJ Set Sale priceFrom $64.00
Baby Girls Stevie Dress Set Baby Girls Stevie Dress Set
Girls Charlie Dress Girls Charlie Dress
Girls Charlie Dress Sale priceFrom $92.00
Girls Stevie Dress Girls Stevie Dress
Girls Stevie Dress Sale priceFrom $88.00
Girls Organic Sweatshirt Girls Organic Sweatshirt
Baby Girls Charlie Bubble Baby Girls Charlie Bubble
Girls Maude Sweater Girls Maude Sweater
Girls Maude Sweater Sale priceFrom $118.00
Girls Gianna Skirt Girls Gianna Skirt
Girls Gianna Skirt Sale priceFrom $68.00
Girls Brooke Top Girls Brooke Top
Girls Brooke Top Sale priceFrom $58.00
Brayden Ruffle Dress Brayden Ruffle Dress
Brayden Ruffle Dress Sale priceFrom $84.00
Girls Kelby Dress Girls Kelby Dress
Girls Kelby Dress Sale priceFrom $58.00
Organic Steph Dress Organic Steph Dress
Organic Steph Dress Sale priceFrom $64.00
Girls Organic Theodore Short Girls Organic Theodore Short
Girls Organic Tee Girls Organic Tee
COLLAR SHIRT - HOLIDAY EMBROIDERY Sale priceFrom $27.20 Regular price$68.00

Founded in 2009 by Stacey Fraser, Pink Chicken is known for its easy and classic silhouettes and whimsical pieces made from fabrics that mimic vintage textiles.

Outfit Your Little One in Style with Pink Chicken

Suppose you want to dress your little one in style; look no further than Pink Chicken. This clothing brand combines playful and creative design with quality and comfort. From charming dresses to cozy sweaters, Pink Chicken's pieces are perfect for any occasion, whether a family gathering or a day at school. Their bold patterns and bright colors will make your little one stand out in the best way possible. Pink Chicken's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion means you can feel good about your purchase. Treat your child to some fashionable and comfortable clothing from Pink Chicken today.

For parents who want their little ones to look fashionable and stay comfortable, Pink Chicken offers kids a wide range of stylish clothes. The clothing line boasts an exciting combination of bright colors, unique prints, and comfortable fabrics for playtime or special occasions. From dresses to shorts, onesies to jackets, Pink Chicken has everything for your little girl or boy to look their best. The clothing pieces are fun, whimsical, and perfect for any season. So why not dress your child in style with Pink Chicken? With so many adorable options, your little one will be the talk of the playground!

Discover the Perfect Piece for Every Occasion—from Pink Chicken

Finding the right outfit for every occasion can be a daunting task. Luckily, Pink Chicken offers a vast selection of stylish and comfortable clothing options suitable for any event. From casual outings to formal occasions, Pink Chicken has the perfect piece to make you look and feel fabulous. Whether you want to rock a bold print or a classic, timeless style, we've got you covered. Our clothing is fashionable and made with high-quality materials to ensure comfort throughout the day. Trust Pink Chicken to help you step out in confidence and style while feeling your absolute best.

Whether you're dressing up for a fancy event or want to look and feel your best on average, finding the perfect clothing to suit the occasion can make all the difference. Enter Pink Chicken. This fashion brand provides a unique blend of professional, creative, and friendly styles that will always hit the mark. With pieces ranging from bohemian dresses and comfortable jumpsuits to chic blouses and cozy cardigans, Pink Chicken has something that works well for any occasion. Whether you're looking to mix and match pieces for a casual daytime look or dress to impress at a special event, Pink Chicken has you covered. With a wide selection of clothing options, Pink Chicken offers something for everyone, from chic and sophisticated to whimsical and playful. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in every garment, providing stylish and comfortable pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night. From special occasions to everyday wear, Pink Chicken has the perfect piece to suit any occasion.

Pink Chicken Clothing: A Symphony of Colors & Comfort

Welcome to the captivating universe of Pink Chicken Clothing, an enchanting oasis where colors, comfort, and creativity dance in harmonious choreography. Born in the vibrant heart of New York City, Pink Chicken isn’t just a clothing brand. It’s a living, breathing, and ever-evolving narrative of uninhibited self-expression and joyful individuality.

The Story Behind Pink Chicken

Stacey Fraser, the creative powerhouse behind Pink Chicken, envisioned a brand that transcends the mundane in children’s and women’s fashion. She saw the potential in vibrant hues, relaxed silhouettes, and an eclectic mix of patterns to foster a brand that resonates with a broad spectrum of personalities. From this vision, Pink Chicken Clothing hatched, spreading its wings in the diverse fashion landscape.

The Pink Chicken Philosophy

Pink Chicken is built on a philosophy that celebrates the magic of effortless style and whimsical designs. It’s about allowing the individual to shine, fostering the joy of dressing up, and reveling in the shared happiness of wearing something special. More than clothes, Pink Chicken creates memories woven into the fabric of life.

The Unique Appeal of Pink Chicken Clothing

The appeal of Pink Chicken Clothing goes far beyond the texture of its fabric or the intricacy of its stitches. It’s about the burst of life in each pattern, the soul-soothing comfort of its fits, and the liberating freedom it offers to those who wear it. Each Pink Chicken outfit tells a unique story – a narrative of joy, self-expression, and unapologetic vibrancy.

More About Our Pink Chicken Clothing Collection

There is more to our collection than you would notice the first time around: 

A Close Look at The Girls’ Collection

The Girls’ Collection from Pink Chicken Clothing is a delightful ensemble of joy, playfulness, and comfort. Here, every dress, top, and bottom is a celebration of color and comfort, designed with the little princess in mind. From the delightful maxi dresses to the playful skirts, each piece empowers young girls to express their style and personality. 

Exploration of The Women’s Collection

The Women’s Collection is a harmonious blend of bohemian allure and contemporary style, designed to cater to the modern, versatile woman. Whether you are gearing up for a relaxed beach day or dressing down for a casual workday, Pink Chicken has got you covered. From flowy dresses to chic tops, each piece is a testament to effortless style and comfort.

The Alluring Charm of Seasonal Specials

Pink Chicken Clothing’s Seasonal Specials take your style quotient a notch higher, ensuring you are fashionably prepared for every season. The collection boasts an array of summer dresses, winter warmers, spring outfits, and fall essentials, designed with the brand’s signature vibrant patterns and comfortable fits.

The Reasons to Choose Pink Chicken Clothing

Choosing Pink Chicken Clothing means you are opting for more than just outfits. You are joining a community that celebrates individuality, creativity, and a shared love for quality, comfort, and exceptional design. It’s about being part of a narrative that values self-expression and the joy of dressing up.

Styling Tips for Pink Chicken Outfits

Pink Chicken outfits offer an abundance of versatility, helping you explore countless style choices. Pair a flowy Pink Chicken dress with strappy sandals for a relaxed beach look, or combine it with ankle boots and a hat for a boho-chic vibe. For a more refined style, match a Pink Chicken top with straight-cut jeans and heels. With Pink Chicken, the fashion world is your playground.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion With Pink Chicken Clothing

Pink Chicken Clothing embodies a philosophy of inclusion and celebrates the beautiful diversity of its wearers. With an extensive range of sizes, it ensures that everyone, regardless of their body type or size, can find their perfect fit and express their unique style.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews: Hearing From The Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it; let our happy clients share their Pink Chicken stories. “I adore Pink Chicken’s collections! Their clothes are not just comfortable and colorful; they give me a confidence boost!” – Sarah, a delighted customer. “Seeing my daughter light up in her Pink Chicken outfits is a sight I cherish. They are comfortable, playful, and perfect for her lively spirit!” – Jane, a mother of a vibrant young girl.

Pink Chicken’s Sustainability Practices and Environmental Commitment

Pink Chicken Clothing is more than a fashion brand. It’s a socially responsible entity committed to ethical fashion and sustainability. From using eco-friendly materials to supporting fair trade practices, Pink Chicken steps up without compromising on style, comfort, or quality.

Try Out Pink Chicken Clothing For Yourself

Embark on a vibrant journey of self-expression and individual style with Pink Chicken Clothing at Prefontaine Shop. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your little ones, Pink Chicken promises a symphony of colors, comfort, and uninhibited style. Join us in celebrating the joy of dressing up and discover the magic of Pink Chicken Clothing NOW!