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Polished casual is the center around which the Frank & Eileen universe spins. Frank & Eileen proudly makes the best soft knits and woven shirts and dresses in the world, and they do this sustainably.


It was in 2009 that former engineer Audrey McLoghlin set out to reinvent the women’s button-up as the first foray into the Frank & Eileen brand. The button-up shirt was previously focused solely on men, but Frank & Eileen wanted to do it differently. Audrey’s Irish grandparents – Frank & Eileen – are her main inspiration. The Frank & Eileen brand has grown slowly and intentionally from its roots, obsessed with the Italian woven goods, the best fabric in the world.

Today, Frank & Eileen is an internationally recognized fashion brand, and Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned, women-led business. The Frank & Eileen company has retained 100% ownership while still maintaining the same ethical and sustainable manufacturers for over a decade. The mission of Frank & Eileen is to promote and model female entrepreneurship as a force for good, and Frank & Eileen achieves this from their family-friendly headquarters in California.


The company of Frank & Eileen believes in using slow fashion and promoting sustainability in their sourcing and production processes. For slow fashion, Frank & Eileen starts with the world’s best raw materials nature offers. They are naturally ethical, beautiful, and sustainable, and Frank & Eileen will use nothing less.

Frank & Eileen has retained 100% ownership and resisted the temptation of venture capital funding. In this way, Frank & Eileen has the advantage of answering only to the true stakeholders of Frank & Eileen – their employees, customers, local community, and the environment.

Certifications matter to Frank & Eileen, and they are incredibly proud to be a certified B Corp. The impact score for Frank & Eileen among globally recognized US apparel companies falls second only to Patagonia in the fashion industry. Frank & Eileen received the highest impact score of any US fashion brand owned by women.

By women, for women, and dedicated to supporting women, Frank & Eileen has proudly pledged $10 million over the next ten years to nurture tomorrow’s female leaders. The Frank & Eileen mantra for this philanthropic work is Educate Our Girls, Change Our World.


The Frank & Eileen ethos falls on the side of integrity in building both businesses and wardrobes. From the beginning, Frank & Eileen will only partner with ethical and sustainable manufacturers, and Frank & Eileen ensures their pieces are crafted with the finest raw materials nature offers.

In their quest to be sustainable since the beginning, Frank & Eileen has fanatically sought out the world’s best textile and production partners. Frank & Eileen partners with Albini in Italy, who leads the way in 100% responsible practices within the textile industry. It is with great pride that Frank & Eileen can trace the origin of every fabric they produce in Italy, down to its field of origin, and ensure it meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 global certification for absence of harmful chemicals in production.

For their knitwear collection, Frank & Eileen looked into their own backyard in sunny California, where some of the world’s best knitted garments are produced. Frank & Eileen chose artisans based in Los Angeles to partner with. Every piece of Frank & Eileen knitwear is knit, sewn, washed, and dyed locally in L.A. all while demanding B Corp-approved fair labor practices from their production partners. This creates jobs locally that Frank & Eileen helps support. With expansion into new design categories, Frank & Eileen continues their dedication to using female entrepreneurship as a force for good.


Female leadership is a rarity in the fashion world, a phenomenon Audrey refers to as the “glass runway” rather than the “glass ceiling”. This is why she has been so adamant that Frank & Eileen create a work environment where women, and especially mothers, don’t feel like they have to choose between their home commitments and career advancement.

The executive team at Frank & Eileen is 100% female, and Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned company. The facility for the Frank & Eileen company has a life-sized, fully-stocked, two-story dollhouse in their headquarters for new mothers to pump, breastfeed, or just spend time with their wee ones. In this way, Frank & Eileen helps young parents with better work-life balance.


Prefontaine has a wide assortment of Frank & Eileen pieces for you to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic chambray blue button-down or something a bit bolder, or a soft French terry sweatshirt or sweatpants, or even chinos or a jacket, Prefontaine’s selection of Frank & Eileen has something to suit every body and a place in every wardrobe.

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