A simple yet sophisticated athleisure brand, Varley was born in London with pure California inspiration. Varley is known for its luxe prints, flattering cuts, and supple fabrics. Varley is fashion-forward while also focusing on performance first. Varley is an active brand that has evolved into a full contemporary lifestyle label.

The Varley brand makes attractive and functional options for the modern woman. Varley collections are highly technical with an aesthetic that is simultaneously elevated and understated. Varley is a contemporary performance brand for active women of today.

The athleisure space is quite crowded and continues to become more so. But Varley’s unique approach to the market allows Varley to stand out. Varley designers conceptualize their process as designing contemporary clothing with the first focus on performance as opposed to the other way around.

The Varley Story

Varley designer Lara Mead grew up in a very active family, with her father a professional soccer player. Lara began competitive running at the age of 10, and has always had activewear figure prominently in her wardrobe. But fashion was never part of her plan.

It was 2014, and Lara Mead and her husband took a much-needed vacation from their home in London to visit Santa Monica, California. Both were working high-pressure jobs at the time, with Lara working as a talent agent, giving her exposure to marketing and brand-building. She had no idea that fateful trip would inspire her and her husband to create Varley.

At this time, Lara, a Londoner, felt limited to working out in black leggings. She wanted something that could transition to life before, during, and after the gym. This was the inspiration for Varley.

The Varley Seed

While on vacation in Santa Monica, California, Lara noticed women were wearing workout gear just about everywhere – lunch, shopping, and of course working out, and this inspired Lara to create Varley upon her return to London.

Lara got the name Varley for the company from a vintage sewing machine her seamstress grandmother had given her. Varley was the name on the sewing machine, and it resonated with both Lara and her husband. They felt Varley had a sound that was strong and active, and looked great.

The influence of both cities is visible in the Varley line, which mixes London style with Santa Monica ease.

Just a year after Varley launched, the brand was stocked in over 300 retailers worldwide.

Varley Today

Two years after their fateful trip, Lara runs Varley from offices in both London and L.A. Lara and her husband have grown Varley into a full-scale modern lifestyle brand.

The Varley company is still young, but it has grown explosively. The Varley brand is carried at more than 150 US outlets, and over 700 stores worldwide.

Varley Style

Lara draws inspiration for Varley designs primarily from the Los Angeles lifestyle. As she immerses more in the L.A. culture, she is better able to understand it and translate it into Varley designs.

The husband-wife team co-designs each Varley collection. Lara looks after Varley’s strategic direction and daily management while her husband’s focuses lie with design, branding, operations, and marketing.

Each Varley collection is co-designed from different perspectives. This lets Varley create pieces that are versatile, yet balancing function and style. All Varley fabrics are sourced in Italy and developed specifically for Varley, with the goal of providing the ultimate in coverage and support while working out. Varley infuses each design with trendy elements such as inserts, cutouts, or unique prints.

Never skimping on quality, Varley uses the highest European quality fabrics. Varley product performance must stand up to the brand. The legging fabric Varley uses is unique to the brand, and may be the best on the market.

Styling Varley

Designed to hold their own, Varley pieces look great by themselves and also go well together. A full-length Varley legging or breathable jogger with a lightweight top can keep you both looking and feeling cool. Knot an oversized shirt over the lightweight top for completely different Varley look. Whatever your mood, you can count of Varley to keep you performing great and looking vividly cool in fresh patterns and creative cutouts to your workout clothing. With Varley, you can wear yoga pants all day long.

Varley at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a lovely selection of the Varley for all seasons. We carry Varley sports bras that layer under performance tops but also look great on their own. We also carry Varley tank tops and zip-up jackets. We offer a full assortment for serious sports to leisure.

When you want to be comfortable while you’re working out and not worry about your clothing, and you also want to look great, Varley is the perfect choice.

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