Not sure what fragrance set best fits your body chemistry? Try this Eau de Parfum discovery set of D.S. & Durga's alluring scents – the D.S. & Durga Greatest Hits Volume 1. It is composed of six 1.5 ml samples of the scents – "I Don't Know What", "Debaser", "Rose Atlantic", "Radio Bombay", "Cowboy Grass", and "Bowmakers".

The "I Don't Know What" perfume offers a citrusy, musky scent with a top note of bergamot essence, heart notes of iso e super and vetiver acetate, and base notes of civettone, firsantol, ambrox super.

The "Debaser" perfume offers a fresh green and woody scent with top notes of bergamot, green leaf, pear stem, heart notes of fig, coconut milk, and iris, and base notes of blond woods, tonka bean, and moss.

The "Rose Atlantic" perfume has top notes of bergamot, petals, and lemon oil, heart notes of linden, rose accord, and dune grass, and base notes of muscone, salt water, and white moss.

The "Radio Bombay" perfume has top notes of radiant wood, copper, and cedar, heart notes of sandalwood, radiant iris, and boronia, and base notes of balsam fir absolute, coconut musk, and ambergris.

The "Cowboy Grass" perfume has top notes of rosewood, wild thyme, and bergamot, heart notes of sagebrush, basil, and rose otto, and base notes of vetiver, grass, and ambergris.

The "Bowmakers" perfume has top notes of violin varnish, mahogany, and outdoors accord, heart notes of amber pine rosin, Maplewood, and cypress, and base notes of spiced tree resin, cedar, and moss.

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