Cap off your nighttime Routine with the Yves Durif Classic Brush. Made in Italy, this brush is a hand-made masterpiece from natural rubber resin & glue-free anti-static that gives off a gentle yet effective glide on your hair.

This classic brush can be used in both morning and evening hair care routines, although we highly recommend that you use it every night since it gives off a soothing scalp massage that is perfect for wrapping up your busy day. A healthy and nourishing way to relax, indeed.

The Yves Durif Classic Brush comes in a gray velour pouch when it arrives at your door, and it's best used with the Yves Durif Comb.

Remember to go for something other than the aesthetic with your things. Time to look at the materials used and the efficiency of the products you are using. Add to your cart here ate Prefontaine now.

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