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We are all looking for that perfect pair of jeans, and Moussy jeans often provide an end to the search. This premium Japanese brand of denim is only growing in popularity as more people discover Moussy jeans’ perfect fit and top-level craftsmanship.

Of course, versatility is one of the most important qualities in denim, and you can wear Moussy jeans anywhere – dressed up or dressed down. A good-fitting pair of Moussy jeans can pull together any outfit, and you can always count on Moussy jeans when you need something quick and chic.

Moussy Means Brand

Based in Tokyo, Moussy jeans considers itself a high-casual brand. Moussy jeans developed in 2000 with the drive to disrupt fashion’s gender norms by making women’s wear in traditionally men’s styles. When the ladies’ trends were micro minis and skin-baring tops, Moussy jeans were form-flattering, and along with Moussy tee accompaniments, became instant favorites in the fashion world. The Moussy jeans brand continues to provide accessible, upscale comfort and the ultimate jeans in a one-stop shopping experience with their minimalist, nearly menswear sense to Moussy jeans style options.

Each step of the denim manufacturing process is carefully executed at Moussy jeans. The relationships Moussy jeans has built with the best factories and washhouses in Japan over the last two decades allows Moussy jeans to continue setting trends with unique, unparalleled jeans.

Moussy Jeans Style

Styles of Moussy jeans have a vintage edge and all their fabrics and cuts are high quality. The classic feel gives Moussy jeans a timeless sensibility.

Quality is something always difficult to find in the right pair of jeans, but Moussy jeans delivers excellent quality and are extremely well-made. Most Moussy jeans contain a very slight stretch, contributing to that rigid look, while other styles of Moussy jeans have a bit of stretch to them. The wash of Moussy jeans is next to impossible to get with other denim brands.

The contemporary edge comes in with Moussy jeans styles. Rips, raw hems, chic distressing, and other details jive perfectly with the durable denim, adding to the chic-ness of the look of Moussy jeans. Given the fabric used in Moussy jeans and the way they are worked to appear well worn, Moussy jeans indeed come across as legitimate favorite old jeans that you’ve worn to shreds. This idea drives a lot of modern denim fashion, but Moussy jeans hits that mark far better, chicer and more fashionably than anyone else in the denim field.

Moussy Jeans Production

Every step in the production process for each pair of Moussy jeans is done entirely in Japan in eco-friendly factories. The attention to detail given in every step of Moussy jeans production line from fabric production to assembly and washing shows in the exquisiteness of the final product.

Moussy Jeans Cuts

The fit of Moussy jeans is phenomenal – like the perfect pair of jeans should fit.

The people of Moussy jeans understand that people’s bodies are shaped differently, and no one pair of denim will ever look good on everyone. Different people’s bodies and personal styles call for different styles of Moussy jeans, and Moussy jeans is dedicated to ensuring you receive the perfect pair for your body and your fashion sensibilities.

Moussy Jeans Materials

In addition to the cuts, part of the classic look of Moussy jeans comes from the fabrics. A lot of Moussy jeans are vintage and don’t have much stretch. This allows Moussy jeans to hold their shape well. This is also why some people have to size-up when buying Moussy jeans – they’re not so stretchy.

The lack of stretch in the fabric means that not only do Moussy jeans hold their place on your body instead of getting stretched out over the day, but Moussy jeans also hold you in place in all the right places. This means Moussy jeans look great on you from the front and from the back, all day long.

At the same time, Moussy jeans seem to just get better with more wear and more washings. The 100% cotton denim used in many Moussy jeans styles molds to your shape over time. In this way, Moussy jeans hearken to denim days of yore when the 100% cotton shrink-to-fit Levi’s 501s moved every other pair of jeans out of the way for quite some time. That sensibility, that comfort, that tailoring of your jeans to your body and yours alone is back with Moussy jeans. Moussy jeans are experts in denim.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering Moussy jeans online is your lower leg girth. Since many Moussy jeans are 100% cotton, they don’t stretch. So tapered and/or skinny-leg styles of Moussy jeans may not gently glide over more muscular calves. If you’ve got cyclist’s calves or something similar, the straight-leg styles of Moussy jeans may be the more prudent choice over the skinny-leg styles.

Moussy Jeans for You

In a world of stretch denim and contemporary trends, these Moussy jeans may just be the unicorn. They marry both old and new, technology and old world, which may make them the perfect pair indeed.