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Article: Denim For Every Occasion - Guide To Finding Your Perfect Fit

Denim For Every Occasion - Guide To Finding Your Perfect Fit

Denim For Every Occasion - Guide To Finding Your Perfect Fit

While skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple and a timeless denim style, we're turning gears today to concentrate on the year's top denim trends. We've compiled a list of the top denim trends for this season and beyond.

To keep you as up-to-speed as possible on the year's denim trends, we're delving into every element denim-loving readers should be aware of. Keep reading to see the types of jeans everyone is wearing now. From the denim fits that are trending right now, such as extremely relaxed shapes, to the iconic (if polarizing) denim rises that are making a fresh comeback.

What Kind of Jeans Should You Have in Your Closet?

Mom Jeans

Hidden under a veil of high-waisted, loosely fitting denim, moms all over the world have appreciated the practical advantages of this comfy design for decades. Put on a pair of mom jeans; everything will improve, from your mood to your mobility. It's no surprise that this wide silhouette has returned to the runway. We have some recommendations to help you pull off the mom jean in the current day, whether you're trying it for the first time or pioneered its premiere.

Straight Leg Jeans

For 2023, you can't go wrong with straight-leg jeans. This design is popular in many colors, including browns, greens, pinks, and all denim washes ranging from light to dark. You may also see the patchwork appearance growing in popularity this year, particularly in straight-leg designs. Do you want to know how to wear this look? Straight-leg jeans are worn casually with an untucked, oversized T-shirt by the younger trendsetters. Wear dark-wash denim trousers with a tucked-in denim button-down shirt if you want a more polished appearance. Almost everything goes this year, and the '90s denim-on-denim trend is no exception.

Wear straight-leg jeans with flannel shirts for a casual look. An oversized cable-knit sweater offers winter comfort and enhances this denim design's sleek design.

Flared and Bell-Bottom Jeans

If you have a '70s soul, you'll love this season's flare and bell-bottom pant resurgence. If you want to look good, you should wear a pair of jeans. To begin, tuck your shirt in so that the length of your jeans is visible. Then, add a belt. This will accentuate the hourglass form you've already established by tucking in your favorite shirt. Last, give yourself a lift with a pair of platform shoes.

There's a reason why everyone wore this classic combo in the '70s; the lift that you receive from a platform keeps your pants from dragging on the ground, which elongates your shape and enables your flare to flow without bunching.

Tip: Your denim should be just above the ground and cover at least 34% of your shoe.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, as the name implies, are skin-tight and snug. They track the form of your legs all the way. These are for you if you have slender and lovely legs that you can't wait to show off. Skinny jeans are available in low, mid, and high-rise waist styles and are generally stretchy, making them twice as good.

Skinny jeans complement flowy, baggy outfits well. Play with the volume on top to establish balance, whether you're voluptuous, straight, or tiny. Fitted shirts are also appropriate. You'll produce a streamlined silhouette if you opt for sleek on slim.


Jeggings are just leggings made of denim. So, you follow the same style method with jeggings as well. If you're conscious, wear shirts that fall a bit below your hip, but treat them like your slim pants. If you want to look well, you should wear a skirt. They are also a go-to for pregnant women since they do not impose strain on the tummy yet look just as attractive.

These are particularly fantastic in the winter for various reasons, including the fact that they are simple to wear with winter boots and keep you warm and comfy. And, like jeans, jeggings come in various prints and colors; if you are self-conscious about your legs, stick to darker denim tones.

Jeggings may be worn with any top that would go with thin jeans. Jeggings may be paired with warm hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and shoes for an on-trend athleisure look, in addition to tunics, sweaters, and blouses.

The Boyfriend Jeans

People began calling them boyfriend jeans since they seemed to have been borrowed from your man—literally! However, the fit improved over time, and they are today regarded as highly fashionable. Everyone is wearing them, from runways to airport appearances. These have a terrific fit at your waist and hips and widen slightly as they travel down. Curvy ladies should wear boyfriend jeans or boyfriend-cropped jeans.

How to Find the Best Jeans

Find Your Rise

We've seen high rise, low rise, and everything in between. While we love to follow trends, it's crucial to discover what rise flatters your body shape and proceed from there.

The Low-Rise

Low-rise jeans are an excellent way to show off your curvy hips. To prevent the terrible waist-gap issue, ensure they fit tightly at the hips. Athletic body types may also pull off a killer low rise. Because you may not have the curve in your hips, the jeans may hang a bit lower, so be sure to buy a fitting model with stretch.


This is the most figure-friendly rise available; it's flattering on all body types and a hidden weapon for those who desire extra rigidity around their waist. Mid-rise jeans work well with almost every top length, making them an excellent all-around choice.


This look is sometimes referred to as "retro," but the fact is that it is classic. This fit is ideal for athletic body types with smaller waists. Slender hourglass figures look great in high-rise jeans with stretch. This look is ideal for cropped shirts and tuck-ins.

Find Your Wash

It's all good news when it comes to denim wash options. There's no wrong or right wash—it's all up to your preferences. Darker washes are ideal for going fancy, while lighter ones are ideal for going beachy. It is still up to you.

Dark Wash Jeans

A dark wash pair of jeans appeal to people of all shapes and sizes (and wears over time like a dream). To add to your collection, look for dark blue and black washes. Make sure you know how to wash darker jeans, so they don't fade properly.

Light to Medium Wash

This wash is often referred to as the workhorse wash. It's always suitable, from day to night, summer to winter. What is an important washing tip to remember? The lighter the wash, the more relaxed the atmosphere. Pro tip: Appearance for a faded wash and combine with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look.

Denim in Different Colors

Elevate a simple jean-and-tee combination with a deeper shade like burgundy or olive. Brighter hues are ideal for the warmer months.


Regarding the wide variety of jeans on the market, we all agree that we are spoilt for choice. Take a look at the many varieties of jeans described above! Aren't the variety of choices available amazing? Why do we even have to worry about what to dress with every day? Designers have given us an abundance of possibilities. We need to be aware of them. In the list above, we've covered everything from skinny jeans to boot cuts, low-rise jeans, and more. So, choose the ones that have captured your heart and wear them on your next trip.

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