Channel timeless elegance with the Clare V Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. Hand-knotted, these cream babies are the perfect accessory to instantly elevate a look, even if you’re just in a shirt and jeans. Or if you’re dressing up, they help build on the chicness of the outfit by lacing it with understated sophistication.

The Clare V Freshwater Pearl Bracelet offers a fresh take on a classic look with its fun pop of yellow color. The yellow knots, in particular, add a twist to the traditional pearl aesthetic to better complement your personality. Add to that its gold bracelet clasp that features subtle tones of red and blue, and you’re sure to don something that stands out.

To care for your pearl bracelet:

Wipe them with a soft cloth after every use to remove oils and dirt and debris buildup.
If you must use a damp cloth, be careful not to damage the surface.
Never soak your pearl bracelet in water, as it can weaken them.

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