Add a bit of love to your look with this Love Explosion Lapis Disc Charm by Three Stories. This beautiful disc charm has a unique design that incorporates elements from the earth and sky, representing love's connection with space and time.

This beautiful charm will add flair to any plain outfit. The perfect gift for yourself or someone special can be worn on a chain bracelet or necklace or added to a hoop earring.

The Love Explosion Lapis Disc Charm is crafted with 14K yellow gold and 0.2cts of diamonds - so you'll always feel the love - no matter how many lovers you collect along the way. Fall in love with its unique design, adding an elegant yet feminine touch to your style.

You'll make a statement with this gorgeous combination of gold and lapis. Three Stories ventured outside our jewelry box to create these fresh, original, yet vintage-inspired pieces.

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