Add spark to your day with the Open Starburst Baguette Charm from Three Stories. This starburst charm is set with yellow gold and baguette diamonds in a spiked pattern for maximum bling effect. Add it to any hoop earrings, chain bracelet, or necklace, and you will love this love explosion. For your next big event, add them to your jewelry collection for all eyes on you.

Feel the love with Open Starburst Baguette Charm. Three Stories loves to play with the idea of love and affection. This piece will inspire you to express your own unique story of love.

Because of the unique nature of Three Stories Jewelry, it is recommended to avoid wearing fine jewelry while exercising, in chlorinated water, or while bathing. Sweat, chlorine, and soap buildup can affect your jewelry's shine and luster.

Applying makeup, perfume, or hair products before putting on your Three Stories Jewelry is best to avoid residue and buildup on your jewelry. Store them in a clean, dry, air-tight bag or a soft pouch. It is best to store items separately so they do not scratch each other or become tangled together.

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