Make your home the envy of all with the Voyage Et Cie – Votive Candle – Marmont Lane. Unconventionally packaged in a special black gift box, this candle is perfect for sprucing up any room while masking odors and leaving behind a refreshing scent.

The 3 oz. soy and coconut blend candles are organic and sustainable — bringing you peace of mind while evoking your desired atmosphere. Once lit, these candles create a beautiful, dancing light that allows you to relax in comfort. Its Marmont Lane fragrance is carefully crafted to bring energy yet provide peace and balance. A unique combination of white flowers, ginger, citrus, and tea makes for an unforgettable scent experience.

The Voyage Et Cie – Votive Candle – Marmont Lane has a 15-hour burn time. When it has completely melted away from its 1.5" glass container, it may be washed and reused.

So don't wait any longer; create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere with the Voyage Et Cie – Votive Candle – Marmont Lane.

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