Candles bring warmth and light to our lives, and the Voyage Et Cie Candle Care Kit is an exquisite five-piece set designed to help you maximize your candles’ functionality, aesthetics, and safety.

Each of our kits comes with the following:

Candle tray: Fire-safe and beautifully designed, our candle tray provides the perfect surface for your votive or 4-inch highball candle to rest on. You won't need to worry about drippings while also adding a gorgeous decorative touch to any room.
Wick trimmer: Wick trimming helps ensure your candles burn brightly and safely. It also offers more defined scents from scented candles. Our wick trimmer is equipped with a built-in plate at the top for fast and easy trimming.
Snuffer: When it’s time to snuff out a candle, the Voyage Et Cie Candle Care Kit snuffer does the job efficiently. Say goodbye to burning and spillage hazards.
Wax pick: The wax pick allows for the speedy and safe extinguishing of lit wicks. Just take the wick with the pick and put it into the melted wax pool.
USB lighter: Who still uses matches? Complete your candle care kit with a long-lasting USB lighter.

All of these custom pieces are finished with gold plating to make them a valuable addition to your care and maintenance accessories at home – combining the best of form and function that the brand is known for. They also come in a stylish black box with a foam insert, making them the perfect housewarming or birthday present.

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