Trovata Aline Blouse - Bayberry

$99.20 $248.00

Feel dainty and look dreamy with the Trovata Aline Blouse - Bayberry. Yet another classic piece from the brand’s line of timeless tops with chic prints and fabrics, this is a simple but sensational clothing accessory that you want for every special day.

The Trovata Aline Blouse in the color Bayberry melds the best of comfort with elegance through its design. The single-button closure found at the top of the collar allows you to play with the look that you want, whether that’s an open v-neck for a casual day or a high neck for a formal affair.

This top is also adorned with puff sleeves that gather at the hem and stop just short of the elbows for a mix of structure and grace. And the back features a flowy gathering that further defines the bodice to give you that ethereal look.


52% cotton and 48% viscose

Size: XS
Color: Bayberry

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