Marry functionality with style on any given day with the Clare V Adjustable Strap. Measuring eight and a half inches longer than the designer’s typical crossbody strap, this versatile accessory is the perfect extension you need for a crossbody bag – or you can shorten it for a shoulder carry bag.

The Clare V Adjustable Strap features a black and white cotton webbing that makes it versatile enough to work with any bag design, color, and style. If you already have a Clare V bag, this strap is guaranteed to complement your piece and boost its appeal. Just use a D-ring to attach, and enjoy its sturdy construction.

Like every product the brand makes, this adjustable strap is made according to the highest industry standards to deliver optimal value for your buck. It’s also durable and long-lasting, so you’re assured of having a closet staple that will serve you well throughout its lifespan.

Color: Black & White Cotton Webbing

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