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White jeans. Every denim collection needs a great pair of white jeans. Sometimes your white jeans will last for more than a season; other times, they need to be replaced yearly as the crisp, brilliant white denim fades. Oftentimes, the silhouette shifts from one year to the next, so replacing those white jeans is necessary. The current trends for white jeans include skinnies, cropped flare, asymmetric hems, traditional stove pipe and wide leg.

With the ubiquity of jeans in a person’s closet, no closet is arguably complete without at least one pair of white jeans. White jeans are both a classic piece as well as a contemporary trend item. People now wear white jeans year-round, favoring crisp, bright whites in the spring and summer and creamier, yellow-based whites in the fall and winter.

When and Where to Wear White Jeans

White jeans take you from day to night, from weekday to weekend, from event to event. Your white jeans will work as well at a luncheon as they do on the sidelines of a tee-ball game. Perhaps it is in the soft but graphic nature of white jeans that lets them serve as a visual anchor for a variety of looks which could include everything from casual sleeveless tops to silk button-down blouses to lofty sweaters. Your white jeans will go with everything. There is an interesting duality of white jeans in that they are constructed like denim, with pockets, rivets, and zipper, yet they function with a higher level of elegance.

White jeans are such an integral, timeless part of a wardrobe, and yet they also feel fresh, new and bring levity and nuance to a given look. A murky blue silk top looks moody in the fall and winter back to a pair of black leather leggings and is given a completely new, buoyant perspective when paired with a pair of brilliant white jeans.

Even though white is technically an absence of color, it retains the ability to impart strength and clarity when paired back to any other color, pattern or even fabrication. Often, when white jeans are worn even with heavier pieces like shearling or multi-ply cashmere, the resulting look is of striking contrast and originality instead of irrelevance or seasonal confusion.

Why White Jeans?

White jeans draw attention in a nuanced way. It is not a flashy, extroverted message that white jeans send, but instead, the attention drawn is more often because the entire presentation becomes more stunning and elevated. White jeans are interesting in contrast to darker jeans because instead of the contracting feel of a dark jean, there is an expansive, straightforward and feminine nature to white jeans that people sense, whether they follow fashion or not.

White jeans match literally everything. White contains all colors of the spectrum, so nothing clashes with it. Blue jeans come in shades of blue and don’t actually go with everything, but white jeans do.

White Jeans Keep You Cool

White jeans are timeless. They never go out of style, surviving all of the fashion trends like only jeans can do. White jeans always look dressed up while at the same time, they offer all the comfort of your favorite denim jeans. This makes white jeans a foundational piece to a woman’s wardrobe. Plus, they always look hip and trendy no matter what haute couture is doing this season or what you pair them with.

On a hot day, you will definitely be cooler in white jeans than in any other color of denim. White reflects sunlight and heat, helping keep your body temperature down as the mercury rises. This helps make white jeans perfect wear for the warmer months and next-to necessary for those days with a wide temperature range.

White jeans definitely help keep you cool – in many ways.

White Jeans Styles

Like all other colors of jeans, white jeans come in varying styles and denim thicknesses. Selecting white jeans with back pockets makes them sturdier and more rugged so any spots that do appear become less noticeable, while also adding layers of white denim on your back side so the fabric is thicker back there. With a good spot remover and some skin-colored underwear, don’t worry about a thing while wearing your white jeans.

White is a confidence-builder. Get the right style for your shape, and enjoy the confidence you get to walk around in when you step out and about in your classically elegant white jeans.

White Jeans: A Valuable Asset

There’s nothing so versatile as white jeans. They may just be the most valuable asset you have hiding behind your closet door.

Forget about nights in white satin. Have your nights in white jeans!

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