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A midi skirt is one where the hemline ends between the knee and ankle. They may be pencil skirts, A-line skirts, ruffle skirts, or any other style. If the skirt falls to around the calf, it is a midi skirt.

Midi Skirts Year Round

The length of the midi skirt makes it wearable most of the year. Midi skirts look stylish in spring, summer, and fall, and as long as it’s not too cold in winter, you can wear the midi skirt then as well. Your choices of fabric and cut in the midi skirt will help make your midi skirt right for the season.

Midi Skirts in Spring

In spring, the midi skirt can help celebrate new energy with lively fabrics such as paisley, floral prints, polka dots, windowpane, gingham, and so many more. Spring is the season for pastels, and since the midi skirt is not near your face, you can wear the midi skirt in a springtime pastel even if pastels aren’t the best for your skin tone. Also, lively prints and beautiful spring colors help the midi skirt celebrate the season with you. As for cut, side slits and back slits allow for a pencil-style midi skirt, while an A-line midi skirt allows for plenty of fabric movement – beautifully flouncy to celebrate the nascent energy of springtime. A well-placed ruffle or two can enhance the skirt’s elegance while adding a dash of fun.

Midi Skirts in Summer

The midi skirt for summer will be better in thinner, lighter fabrics and light colors. White and cream are home in this season. Or, opting for the other end of the spectrum with yellow, green, orange, or even brown can also squeal summertime if the fabric is light enough. The summer midi skirt may be flirtier than the midi skirt for other seasons, with styles and slits that show a bit more skin or waft more in the breeze. The right summer midi skirt will take you to the beach and then to a nice dinner afterward. Pair it with your favorite summer sandals, a crossbody bag, and some cool sunglasses for a chic summertime look.

Midi Skirts in Fall and Winter

Midi skirts for autumn will call for autumn colors and heavier fabrics than the summer midi skirt. In fall, we return to sleek elegance with the midi skirt. Slits are less high, styles are less flirty, fabric is tamer. The full range of colors will work in autumn though. Autumn considerations for the midi skirt can carry through to winter, though soft creams and ivories can beautifully accent your wardrobe for this season. Here we’re moving into more wools and knits for the midi skirt, simply for warmth.

Selecting the Midi Skirt

Traditionally, the midi skirt ends mid-calf but the midi skirt is more stylish when it doesn’t stop precisely there. The midi skirt’s length matters. The midi skirt is perfect for creating the illusion of a longer dress. Select a midi skirt that falls slightly above or below the mid-calf. The mid-calf is the thickest part of the leg, and people are different heights so the same skirt won’t look as good on you and all of your friends. Select a length that falls just above or just below your mid-calf for your midi skirt to look just right on you. Because of its length, the midi skirt can unintentionally add weight to your figure. To help avoid this, select a light fabric that helps create a light and airy feel to your outfit. This kind of openness helps avoid the short and stocky look. A midi skirt should be simple and elegant for the timeless classy look. If you want to wear your midi skirt to the beach or a spring event, a flirty one works well.

Styling the Midi Skirt

The midi skirt can go as many places as you want to wear it. Choices in fabric and cut will help determine when and where your midi skirt works best. For formal wear, a deeper and darker color, including black of course, work well for the midi skirt. Pair the midi skirt with sequins, shiny fabric, or sheer fabric on top. High heels look beautiful with the midi skirt for a fancy event. A midi skirt can unintentionally give a stumpy look depending on where it falls and which shoes it’s with. Wearing strappy high heels gives height without extra weight of a full shoe. In general, with a midi skirt, it’s a good idea to avoid shoes that are too heavy or clunky, such as platform sandals, sneakers, or heavy boots, unless that’s the look you’re intentionally going for. Most petite ladies need a lighter shoe with a midi skirt. The wide range of options the midi skirt comes in delivers as many options to your wardrobe. Whatever look you’re going for, whatever occasion you need to dress for, the midi skirt is a timeless classic.

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