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A midi dress is one with a hemline that falls between the knee and the ankle, and a floral midi dress, of course, is a midi dress with a floral print motif.

Floral Midi Dresses Year-Round

Spring tends to be associated with flowers, making the floral midi dress a natural for the spring and summer seasons. But flowers are gorgeous and heartwarming all year round, so the floral midi dress can move between seasons with ease. Wear one anytime you want to bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the occasion.

Floral Midi Dress in Spring and Summer

When we think of the floral midi dress, images of flouncy spring flowers billowing in the wind may come to mind. Indeed, spring is a perfect time for a floral midi dress with plentiful skirts in soft spring breezes creating fluttery, fresh silhouettes. Summer is also an easy fit for the floral midi dress in a light fabric, and any color or floral pattern desired will do. Spring and summer floral midi dresses call for bouncy fabrics and daring designs that capture and join in on the buoyant energy of those seasons.

Floral Midi Dress in Autumn and Winter

Autumn and winter get a bit more dark and dramatic as the cold begins to settle in, so the right floral midi dress for these seasons will be of thicker fabrics and perhaps more muted colors. Always chic when worn with boots and a fashionable cardigan, jacket, or coat, the floral midi dress can easily bring a breath of freshness into the world of neutrals that tend to dominate those seasons. Spring and summer may feel like natural fits for the floral midi dress, but autumn and winter can be just as gorgeous with the right floral midi dress – it’s not just a fair-weather option.

Selecting the Right Floral Midi Dress

Traditionally, the floral midi dress falls to mid-calf. The floral midi dress length can vary for desired effect. The length of the floral midi dress can be the perfect trick for creating an illusion of longer legs. Select a hemline for your floral midi dress that falls slightly above or below the mid-calf. This is because the mid-calf is often the thickest part of the lower leg, and a hemline that stops here may not result in the most flattering look.

The length of the floral midi dress can at times make it unflattering. To help avoid this, choose a floral midi dress with the right fabric that will drape and shape nicely. The way the fabric moves with you will allow the floral midi dress to compliment your shape.

A floral midi dress can come in all styles to achieve various looks, from formalwear to beachwear. Select a simple floral midi dress for a timeless, classic look. For the beach or an event in the sunshine, a flirty floral midi dress works well.

Styling the Floral Midi Dress

The floral midi dress can be either formal or casual, depending upon the fabric and the print of the floral midi dress. Like the fabric choice, the specific floral pattern can render the floral midi dress either more or less formal. For a more formal occasion, wear the floral midi dress with strappy heels, not a bulky shoe, as the length of the floral midi dress is not flatteringly offset by bulk at the foot, unless that is the look you’re going for. Knee-high boots worn with a longer floral midi dress, one that falls nearer the ankle, can suggest a worldly, enigmatic look.

The floral midi dress can go as many places as you would like. Variations in cut and fabric will help determine where and when your floral midi dress works best.

If you want to wear your floral midi dress to a more formal occasion, choose a deeper and darker color, even black. High heels look beautiful with the floral midi dress for an evening event, as the drape of fabric contrasts the small, constructed shape of the foot. The floral midi dress can be made just as casual as it can dressy.

In general, with a floral midi dress, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing shoes that are too bulky or masculine, such as platform sneakers, or heavy combat boots, unless you are going for a very directional look. For petite ladies, a lighter shoe works well with the length of the floral midi dress.

The floral midi dress comes in a wide range of options and can be a go-to staple for many occasions, depending on what you pair it with. Whatever look you’re going for, the floral midi dress is a timeless classic.

Floral Midi Dresses at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a lovely selection of floral midi dresses for various seasons and occasions. While some of our collection really does suit the warmer months, other items can be worn throughout the year due to more classic color and styling choices.

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