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The casual midi dress is one whose hemline hits somewhere between your knee and your ankle, of a casual fabric and cut. Midi dresses can be formal or casual, and even casual midi dresses can be worn in any season, to virtually any venue. Unless you’re participating in sports or the dress code calls for something more formal, a casual midi dress can definitely fit into most any occasion.

Casual Midi Dress Length

Technically, when the casual dress’s hemline falls between the knee and the ankle, this is a casual midi dress. More traditionally, the casual midi dress fell to the mid-calf. However, the mid-calf is the thickest part of the leg, so many women find it more flattering to their silhouette to opt for a casual midi dress that falls either slightly above the ankle or slightly below the knee.

Casual Midi Dress Style

Given the length of the casual midi dress, to around the mid-calf area, the casual midi dress sometimes employs either a slit or extra fabric in the skirt so that the woman wearing the casual midi dress can walk and move easily. If the casual midi dress is sleek and fitted in the skirt, it will most likely have a slit. If there is no slit, the skirt of the casual midi dress will tend to be more A-line, with plenty of fabric to allow free movement underneath.

Casual Midi Dresses in the Seasons

The casual midi dress can work in all seasons, depending on fabric and cut.

Casual Midi Dress Length by Season

The length of the casual midi dress is not related to the season in which it is worn – very long, nearly ankle-length casual midi dresses can look very fashionable on the beach in summer, while a below-the-knee casual midi dress with a pair of boots might serve for both work wear and party wear in the winter.

Casual Midi Dress Fabric by Season

The appropriateness of your casual midi dress for the season will depend largely on the fabric your casual midi dress is made of. Generally, lighter fabrics such as rayons, thin cottons, and linen go well with casual midi dresses for summer, while heavier fabrics such as wools and wool blends, knits, leather and suede, corduroy, and other thick cottons work better for casual midi dresses in winter. This is a general rule for selecting the appropriate casual midi dress for the season, but it is not a hard-and-fast rule. Many casual midi dresses made from thin fabrics, such as silk or a lovely rayon, work equally well all year round, depending on the cut, fabric, color, and print.

Casual Midi Dress Color and Print by Season

Generally speaking, the more muted colors in the casual midi dress are more at home in fall and winter while the brighter, more vibrant colors in the casual midi dress help accentuate the new energy of spring and summer. Floral prints on casual midi dresses often belong to the spring and summer months but not necessarily, depending on other features of the casual midi dress.

Casual Midi Dress Cut by Season

The casual midi dress’s cut will speak to the season in which it is intended to be worn. On top, the strapless, spaghetti-strap, or sleeveless casual midi dress will be made for spring and summer, and will probably be out of place if worn in fall or winter. A short-sleeved casual midi dress can work all year round depending on other features such as fabric. A three-quarter sleeve or long-sleeved casual midi dress will probably belong in the fall and winter wing of your closet. The cut of the skirt for the casual midi dress will speak to the season in which it is intended for wearing. The pencil skirt with a slit is likely more intended for the seriousness of fall and winter along with the practical needs for warmth in those seasons, while the flouncy skirt that billows in the breeze is likely a casual midi dress better suited for the light breezes of spring and summer. If the casual midi dress seems perfect attire for the beach, it’s probably more meant for your spring and summer wardrobes.

Casual Midi Dresses at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a wide array of casual midi dresses for you to choose from. We have some very summery casual midi dresses with vibrant hues, flouncy skirts and open shoulders, and also a selection of casual midi dresses with more serious tones and fabrics, perfect for the office or an easy dinner out. If you’re looking for a casual midi dress, Prefontaine may have just what you are looking for.

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