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Xirena is effortless, casual and timeless, and Xirena promises to continue to use the soft, easy-care and laid-back, comfortable shapes, no matter how the Xirena brand evolves.

Xirena Style

Xirena fashion celebrates a carefree lifestyle with a bohemian edge. The collections Xirena creates are modern, sexy, and chic while also retaining their functionality and ease.

Designed in Los Angeles by women and for women, the Xirena brand is all about comfortable, beautiful, easy elegance. This allows many Xirena pieces to transition seamlessly throughout the day’s many activities. At the beach or for a lovely dinner, change your shoes and your jacket, and the Xirena strappy-back dress will glide easily between zones. Other Xirena items are just as versatile, working well with sneakers for a casual lunch, pumps for church, or heels for dinner out. If even more comfort is more your mood at the moment, Xirena has some elegant sweatshirts and gauze pants in fun colors that will make you look great at lunch while you feel like you’re in your pajamas.

Styles of Xirena designs are simple and crafted for everyday wear. They are absolutely comfortable, but also stylish. Most cuts are a bit on the roomy side as opposed to adding another layer of skin, creating beautiful drape on your shape and flowing with you as you move, leaving breezy elegance in your wake.

Xirena Designs

The Xirena line largely draws its beauty and elegance from understated sophistication. Even the bright colors – and there are many in the Xirena collection – are not eye-wincing bright. Instead, the more muted color choices add to the ease, comfort, and understatement of Xirena pieces. The Xirena collection even looks like it’s comfortable.

Xirena design is unpretentious, and wearers of Xirena clothing embody this feeling in Xirena clothing. The Xirena woman wears her clothing rather than her clothing wearing her. Xirena is fashioned for a style that always feels easy and effortless.

Following the casual ethos of the Xirena collection, the brand creates swimwear, lingerie, and Xirena clothing items that can be worn at home, on the go, or on the beach. Xirena designs are based on simple shapes, elements that remain current season after season, and continue to prove solid building blocks for new Xirena collections.

The Best of Xirena

The Xirena collection offers gorgeous basics, underwear and lingerie, sleep wear, and swimwear. These are ready-to-wear classic casual Xirena pieces, and they can go anyplace.

The Xirena collection is huge, making it difficult to choose sometimes. But perhaps the best Xirena items for any woman’s wardrobe would include a beau shirt along with a sweatshirt and lingerie set for travel. Sumptuous silk, fine lace, and smooth satin in your Xirena choices can raise the romantic aesthetic.

Xirena Story

The founder and creative director of Xirena, Dierdre Roffoni, is a California native and avid traveler. On a trip to the hippy coastal town of Formentera, Spain, Dierdre was inspired to create Xirena (pronounced suh-ren-uh). The name Xirena is a derivative of the Spanish word serena, which means mermaid.

Dierdre’s new line of clothing, Xirena, would be from effortless and accessible carefree styling. Easy dresses, tops, and shirts are quintessential to the Xirena brand. Xirena fashion is unpretentious and can always be worn two ways – with sneakers for a casual look or with heels to dress it up.

Xirena Inspiration

Dierdre is always on the lookout for Xirena inspiration. She frequents several flea markets at home in L.A. to feel inspired for Xirena collections. When she travels, Dierdre keeps her eyes open for vintage pieces, textiles, and great finds to inspire the Xirena line.

Xirena and Sustainability

The Xirena brand is highly socially conscious in its sustainability efforts and practices. They support the local Los Angeles community, and Xirena produces 95% of their collection in downtown L.A. The fabric Xirena uses to create their printed lingerie is upcycled. Xirena also repurposes their cotton prints, to create masks, for example. With sustainability at the forefront of their social responsibility awareness, Xirena continues to pursue ways to increase their sustainability in future collections.

Xirena on the Global Stage

With her multi-label showrooms and the Xirena label, Dierdre has achieved worldwide credibility in the fashion world. Dierdre is modern and creative, and in an industry that thrives on foresight, has a knack for staying just ahead of the curve with her Xirena creations. Xirena is intended to embody the easy relaxed bohemian vibe of Los Angeles and helps inspire those who wear Xirena fashions to feel relaxed and comfortable with themselves and their world.

Xirena at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries an array of Xirena products available for online purchase. We always stock Xirena tops in varying styles and colors, along with some dresses, bottoms, and Xirena accessories. True to the brand, the Xirena selection at Prefontaine inspire comfortable, easy grace, and beauty.

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