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Ulla Johnson Dresses

The Ulla Johnson dress is the mainstay of this contemporary Boheme brand – its ethereality is noted and instantly recognized in both fashion circles and hobbyists alike.

Made of the finest quality, Ulla Johnson dresses hold up well over time. Known for their unique and stand-out pieces, Ulla Johnson dresses can be showstoppers. Some Ulla Johnson dresses bring simple silhouettes while other styles of Ulla Johnson dresses push the traditional fashion lines.

Ulla Johnson Dress Style

Styles of Ulla Johnson dresses cover every season and reason for dress-wearing, ever. There are very casual Ulla Johnson dresses that capture the essence of freedom and femininity, bold styles of Ulla Johnson dresses sure to turn every head that walks by, ultra-feminine styles of Ulla Johnson dresses with layers of ruffly flavors that celebrate our girliness, and many, many Ulla Johnson dresses in between. Some Ulla Johnson dresses speak to authority and feminine power while others squeal playtime! Whatever mood you are feeling and wish to express, Ulla Johnson dresses can help you say everything on your mind without uttering a word.

Ulla Johnson Dress Inspiration

In designing Ulla Johnson dresses, Ulla draws inspiration from her international travels and range of experiences the globe offers. New York City’s bustling energy, a favorite art gallery in Paris, textile hand-woven in Peru – each has its place in influencing Ulla Johnson dresses in one form or another.

Ulla Johnson Dresses Express Your Moods

Johnson herself runs in a range of outfit moods for her own attire, and designs Ulla Johnson dresses because she knows she’s not alone. One day Johnson will be expressing her stern side with trousers and oversized nerdcore glasses, while another she is in the mood for a feminine, ruffly Ulla Johnson dress with sandals and baskets. Johnson designs Ulla Johnson dresses not because she necessarily wants to wear every single piece, but because she loves having the ability to make the kind of clothes they dream about.

The Ulla Johnson dress brand is definitely feminine, and runs across a full array of ways to express that femininity. The look of the Ulla Johnson dress really depends on the mood, moment, season, and occasion. Ulla Johnson dresses are inspired by the desire within us all to be free and have fun in that freedom, and to be the person your clothes inspire you to be every day.

Ulla Johnson Dresses Create Community

In many cities of the world, strangers don’t really talk to each other even though they share crowded spaces like trains and sidewalks. But people are very affected by the things they see other people wearing, perhaps a color, pattern, or an item a little unexpected. Wearing an Ulla Johnson dress or another beautiful item of clothing, people tend to stop you on the street with a compliment. Now a connection has been created between these two previous strangers, and the Ulla Johnson dress is responsible for that. Using the Ulla Johnson dress as a conversation starter can be a surprising way to help build community, even in unexpected places.

Production of Ulla Johnson Dresses

Ulla Johnson dresses are made all over the world, as the company works with local artisans and craftsmen to make their Ulla Johnson dresses. The company ensures those contributing to Ulla Johnson dresses are paid and treated fairly. For Ulla Johnson dresses, Ulla looks for artisans to partner with all over the world to create pieces for new collections of Ulla Johnson dresses. She works with sari makers in India to create new printed fabric for her Ulla Johnson dresses, and with silk experts in China.

Aesthetics and Ulla Johnson Dresses

Since she was a child, Ulla was interested in design. But her parents were both archaeologists and insisted she receive a proper education. Ulla majored in psychology and women’s studies, and is glad she did because she draws from those fields in designing her Ulla Johnson dresses and other items. Her background in these fields impacts every little aspect of how Ulla Johnson designs dresses and why she creates clothes for and by women. For Ulla Johnson dresses, design runs much deeper than aesthetics and enters social commentary.

Ulla Johnson Dresses at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a beautiful array of Ulla Johnson dresses in various colors and styles. We have some Ulla Johnson dress silhouettes that are more chic and sophisticated, while others are more flirty and fun. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more on the elegant side or something that gives voice to the whimsical you, we hope to have a Ulla Johnson dress at Prefontaine to suit your mood and style.

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