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With the tagline “Meet us at the intersection of femininity and sophistication,” Hunter Bell defines its aesthetic.

Hunter Bell Fashion

Hunter Bell wants women to feel confident in their clothes and empowered to have fun with fashion. So, Hunter Bell designs to radiate beauty with romantic, playful silhouettes. Designing for the individualist, Hunter Bell creates sophisticated feminine clothing. With their range of items, Hunter Bell gives women the confidence to step forward into their own fashion with unique, intricate fabrics and styles.

The fundamental design concept of Hunter Bell fashion is authenticity. Each piece of Hunter Bell bears detailed craftsmanship and exceptional wearability, in undeniably authentic design. Hunter Bell designs unconventional statement pieces in an adventurous style. Hunter Bell uses incredibly unique prints that stand out, sophisticated textures, and bold color in setting their own fashion rules.

All of Hunter Bell’s lines are creatively designed and elegantly crafted. Hunter Bell is able to capture free spirit and elegance with a flair for fun and chic. This is achieved by combining bold colors and abstract prints with simple structure at Hunter Bell. In this way, Hunter Bell brings a unique approach to contemporary sophistication. The inspiration for many Hunter Bell collections comes from Hunter’s trips to Palm Springs and safaris in the desert. Hunter Bell’s customers love her passion for playful patterns and happy hues, and they appreciate that Hunter Bell designs seem to only improve with each new collection. Hunter Bell pieces are both current and classic.

Hunter Bell Individuality

One of Hunter Bell’s primary tenets is to create pieces that allow women to define their own fashion through multiple Hunter Bell pieces. Hunter Bell wants women to feel empowered to create their own looks.

Authenticity is the foundation of Hunter Bell designs. Each Hunter Bell piece is one-of-a-kind. Hunter Bell pieces are each designed with intention, integrity, and soul.

The constant evolution of fashion is exciting for Hunter Bell because even in crazy global times, we can rely upon designers like Hunter Bell designs to continue to spark inspiration and joy. Hunter Bell wants her clothes to inspire women to make bold choices in their lives and define and embrace their own personal style. In fact, Hunter Bell supports any design that makes you feel inspired, and her spirited styles bring playfulness and elegance.

The Hunter Bell Story

The Hunter Bell story is a fun one in the fashion world – Hunter Bell won one of those television fashion designer competitions. That event launched the Hunter Bell line in major department stores, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hunter Bell is from the U.S. South. She grew up in South Carolina and earned a degree in fashion design and studio art at the University of Alabama in 2003. Hunter Bell left Tuscaloosa shortly after graduation, headed to New York City to follow her dreams.

Hunter Bell landed a spot in NBC’s “Fashion Star” reality show competition in the second season. By the end of the show, Hunter Bell had $3 million in design orders for Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express stores. The items became immediately available for online purchase following NBC’s broadcast. The winning line was a three-ensemble capsule collection for each of the three retail partners of the reality competition: Express, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue – nine ensembles total. The fashion world was excited about their newest designer’s penchant for effortless sophistication.

Hunter Bell Collaboration

Hunter Bell occasionally collaborates to create something fresh, bold, and new. In Hunter Bell’s collaboration with artist Sally King Benedict, they worked together on a limited edition of tees bearing Benedict’s exclusive artistry – sophisticated, simple, and inspiring sketches. Hunter Bell also collaborated with Marcia Smart to design an apron collection, coinciding with Hunter Bell’s wish to bring the Fall 2021 collection into the kitchen. This Hunter Bell apron collection was inspired by the landscapes of West Texas and aimed to reflect the beauty of the Lone Star State as well as all of the people and places that keep tradition alive.

Hunter Bell

One pressing issue that the Hunter Bell team strives to work against is human trafficking: how to be aware of it, fight it, and help the survivors. Hunter Bell works with this cause because it is a billion-dollar industry that affects people of every socio-economic class and is alive in our neighborhoods and schools. At Hunter Bell, they stand behind helping to stop this massive social problem.

Hunter Bell at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a wide variety of Hunter Bell dresses and separates. All elegantly feminine, we have a variety of Hunter Bell looks from simple and sleek to bowed and pleated, in neutral colors and bold solids and prints.

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