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With the EF Collection of jewelry, simple elegance meets understated glamor. Poised, exquisite, distinctive, and maybe even pure magic, the EF Collection of jewelry enjoys a loyal following.

EF Collection is a company of fine jewelry that has helped many celebrities sparkle for their most glamorous and memorialized moments. EF Collection is tremendously elegant yet sophisticated in its simplicity, so EF Collection pieces fit right in with any everyday outfit.

Individual pieces of EF Collection stand well on their own, but they also pair well with other pieces. One of the biggest trends among EF Collection wearers is their penchant to mix and match EF Collection favorites.

EF Collection Style

For materials, EF Collection focuses on 14k golds and diamonds in white, black, and champagne, subtly handset into the gold. The gorgeous result expresses simple elegance and understated glamor.

In terms of design for EF Collection, designer Emily Strauss brings her own aesthetic to classic, geometrical, and architectural forms. A true artist, Emily strikes a stunning balance between latest-moment design and timeless beauty. Each piece is designed to both stand alone and to be enhanced by mixing, matching, stacking, and layering.

Emily designs EF Collection items for the everyday woman, and she draws inspiration for her pieces from the world in which she lives. She pays attention to the nature, fashion, art, friends, and general environment around her, and tries to put an unexpected twist on classic forms. This helps keep EF Collection fresh and also timeless. For EF Collection designs, Emily works with the idea that less is more. EF Collection pieces are delicate, yet she hopes they make an impact. Emily’s wish is that whether a woman is wearing jeans or a cocktail dress, EF Collection designs will help them feel beautiful, unleashing their inner confidence and allowing them to truly shine.

The most iconic piece within EF Collection is the “x” rings and bracelets. All EF Collection pieces are elegantly beautiful and go with any wardrobe.

The EF Collection Story

At the age of 24, EF Collection founder Emily Faith Strauss saw a gap in the fine jewelry market. Emily was looking for thoughtfully designed pieces at accessible prices, and she was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one. Emily created EF Collection to fill this void, with pieces she personally designed and created.

The fine jewelry industry is quite a closed system, not easy for an outsider or a new member like EF Collection to just walk right into. Fine jewelry houses are usually passed down through generations, not open to newcomers like EF Collection. But Emily was tenacious, and determined to realize her vision of offering feminine, delicate pieces at approachable prices, even if that shook up the industry.

Emily launched her fine jewelry company EF Collection in 2010. She draws inspiration for her EF Collection designs from her international travels and studies of art history. With EF Collection jewelry, Emily wanted to create sweet delicate pieces that would accent any occasion and yet could be worn every day. At the same time, EF Collection jewelry should make the woman wearing it enjoy feeling feminine, sexy, and chic.

EF Collection Development

In 2012, Emily started to sell her EF Collection pieces at her local hair salon. She would continue to sell items of EF Collection there for the next three years. This method of selling directly to her EF Collection customers gave Emily the ability to build up her direct consumer clientele. Emily began using her social media platform with EF Collection items, and entered wholesale sales with

Emily continued to grow the EF Collection brand, and by 2014, EF Collection had secured its first partner in the luxury department store industry, Bergdorf Goodman. In fact, Bergdorf Goodman did not have a fine jewelry department before EF Collection. This means that EF Collection forever changed the landscape of this fine department store by being the first line of fine jewelry offered.

Today’s EF Collection pieces are still designed by Emily Strauss, and she continues to work with 14k gold handset with enamel, precious stones, and diamonds in her EF Collection pieces. Emily’s EF Collection designs are simple and understated, while glamorous and divinely elegant. EF Collection presents a stunning balance between ultra-contemporary and timelessly classic designs. With EF Collection, Emily continues to push boundaries and expand offerings, while always staying true to EF Collection’s brand of affordable and approachable fine jewelry.

EF Collection at Prefontaine

Prefontaine carries a well-edited collection of EF Collection pieces. Whether you’re looking for something that sparkles a lot or a little, or something that simply shines, we have many lovely EF Collection pieces for you to choose from. Our EF Collection items include necklaces and charms, stud earrings and longer earrings, lovely linked bracelets as well as statement rings. EF Collection jewelry does make daily life a little more special, and this wearability of fine jewelry makes EF Collection items pretty and yet practical.

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